6 thoughts on “On the go! #7

  1. As you know, we share that same “need” for running goodies, so I totally understand how you feel. How I kept from going broke, as this stuff is NOT cheap, was simply being patient and waiting for the right time to buy. I wait until the end of the season when things get marked down big-time, and save so much $. That meant risking the good sizes would be gone fast, but you are at an advantage b/c I’m guessing you are an X-Small, which is usually one of the sizes that is always left. For the holidays, I also tell my family I want gift cards for those running stores (especially the outlets). Then there are the coupon codes online you can dig for. I have accumulated a lot of bargains this way.

    • Thanks for being so understanding :) I love that we’re kind of in this together! And also, thanks for all your great tips. I’m focusing hard on being patient and smart when it comes to buying all these things I “need”. So far so good! Keeping my eyes open on the sites you’ve been noticing and am planning to walk around in stores and see what’s on sale and try A BUNCH of clothes out, to know what really will be worth my money when I get to buy some clothes/gear..
      You’re right, sometimes my size (I guess I actually am a XS nowadays, crazy!) is available more so then others on the outlets/sales – I’m lucky on that one! Please update me if you get to buy some new stuff, so that I can join in your joy? :)

      • Same here, and I love the added benefit! I usually wear an XS in tops and bottoms, with the exception of some sports bras (my shoulders are wider than my hips) and tights, in which case, I get smalls. I just ordered marathon socks in a SM, and am hoping I made the right choice in not going with an XS. I was right on the border of the two sizes, and don’t want them to be so tight I feel confined. I’ll let you know how they are. I bought them from ProCompression.com, and used GB50 code to get 50% off. Yay!!

        You’ve inspired me to write a gear post. Stay tuned!

      • P.S. Sometimes it’s better to not make eye contact with the new running stuff. That seems to help me. ;-)

  2. Amazing legs! You go girl!

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