My need/want dilemma

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I mentioned earlier here on the blog that I’m craving a lot of running related stuff. Clothes and gear. And I can’t really seem to figure out what I really “need” and what I’m just craving for the sake of cool new stuff and the way they make you feel. But after a little tweeting about it a very nice woman told me that “everything is need” so I’m close to giving my self the go-ahead on getting these things that i NEED, sooner or later.


For this one I’m planning on making my first visit ever to a proper running store to get some help with finding shoes that really fit my feet/stride. I’m really curious about trying some minimal style shoes out (really like the idea of running in Skora‘s shoes for example) but I’m not sure it would be a great thing for my feet/knees.

Running tops

Lululemon: Speed Squad Tank, Moving Comfort: Flex 1/2 Zip,

Oiselle: Simplicity Tank, Adidas: Supernova Sequence Long Sleeve Top

One thing I really need to get is more running tops (to not have to go to the laundromat all the time), I sweat a lot and I really don’t like putting on the same old sweaty tops when hitting the streets for my runs. I also need to find long sleeved shirts that are comfortable to run in and thin enough to not have me sweat too much and get overheated for half cool days (also craving the Oiselle Stripey, I think I’d live in that one running or not).


Oiselle: Lesley Running Tight, Under Armour: Perfect 3″ Shorty

Oiselle: Stride Short, New Balance: Impact Tight

I’ve heard/read some great stuff about Oiselle’s running gear and I can’t wait to try them out. I love the look of their products and am really curious about the feel. I feel like I need Oiselle. Otherwise, I’ve tried some of UA’s shorts on and they felt great. And I’m actually really in need of a pair of long tights to run in – shorts/capris just wont do it in winter time I’ve come to realize.


iPod Nano

I’m getting a little bit tired of carrying my phone around on my runs, even if it might be good to do so for safety reasons? I’m not sure if it’s the armband that I’m using that makes me uncomfortable or if it’s the phone itself. So either a Nano for lighter music device or…

A different way of carrying things while running

Another thing I’ve been reading a lot about on Twitter/running blogs is the SpiBelt. I’ve never been big on the whole fanny pack deal but it seems like this one is slim enough, and more important – doesn’t jump around while running. It get great reviews and maybe I’ll have to just break down and try the whole waist belt thing out.


My cheap Thai headphones are about to give up, sadly, and I definitely need music on my runs so I’m on the lookout for new headphones that will stay in my ears (come sweat and movements) and let me enjoy my music out there..

Oh yeah, one thing I totally spaced out was compression socks. My feet/legs have a tendency to swell easily and I can really feel it happening after running. It’s a heavy feeling when recovering after runs and I don’t like it. So I’m thinking that these kind of socks would be great for me. I have to admit that I’m not stoked on the look of them, but I’m willing to give it a go both during long runs and after running. Just can’t seem to figure out which ones to go for. Let me know if you have any favorites?

Obviously all of these things are gonna have me (and my dear) go bankrupt, so I think I just have to take them one at the time and to be honest, maybe that’s smarter.. Spread the new-gear-joy out over a longer period of time…

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