Running as therapy?


The last couple of days I’ve been feeling really low. I guess it could be as simple as a crappy ass PMS creeping into me but I know one thing.. I DO NOT like this. Last week I felt so full of energy and I really felt like I could do whatever. In my thoughts like all the time was: “BRING IT ON!”.

And then.. Completely different. I got a workout done (20 min yoga+30 min strength workout) yesterday and I was planning to go for a run, but when I was ready to go it was all dark (and I’m not running during the dark hours due to a lot of sketchy meth addicts in the area). So I had to wait with my planned run until this morning.. And when I started running this morning… I felt my energy level raising right away and my thoughts/emotions just totally gathered. Coming back from my 5,2K run I felt like a new person.

I have been going to therapy earlier in my life, but honestly, there’s NOTHING like a run to cheer me up! It’s my time to “relax”, to get my emotions together and to feel strong. So here I am, a few hours later, smiling and thinking “BRING IT ON!” again.

Pictured: Before and after my run.


Q: How does your running affect your mood? Do you have any other tricks to get out of feeling sad/angry/whatever?


5 thoughts on “Running as therapy?

  1. Working out always puts me in a better mood. I adore spin classes because I walk in the room with a horrible mindset from the workday and walk out refreshed with a new outlook on life. It’s incredible! (the endorphins don’t hurt either ;) )

    • Oh yeah all kinds of workouts are great, but for me running seems to be #1.. I try to remember this when I loose my motivation sometimes – “if I just get out there Im going to feel sooo much better”!
      Spinning definitely used to put me in a really good mood too, so great with the music and the whole class just going for it.. Thinking of it I miss going to spin classes, but I just have way to far to the gym as for now.

  2. Running makes me so happy! Sometimes I have to drag myself out because I’m in such a bad mood but I never regret it. It’s the best medicine :)

  3. Running always puts me in a better mood!

    Anytime I need a attitude upgrade I go for a run or play soccer with my 3 year old Elise. Both do the trick.

  4. Running is one of my many happy places, and IS my therapy. When I have a rough day (which are frequent in my line of work), or just need to unleash some frustration, I hit the road to clear my mind and let loose. It’s an instant mood booster, and I often get cranky when I don’t get to run. I can lose myself while running, but at the same time, find myself there.

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