My neighbor invited me over for wine and a chat yesterday. It didn’t take long before she got serious with me.. She used to be a PT and nutritionist for fitness models and she was more than concerned about my training and my weight. And the talk definitely got me thinking..

The thing is that since I hit the 20’s I’ve always been normal in weight, eating more than I should’ve but still having good enough metabolism to not gain too much weight. And no, I didn’t feel good about my body and always wanted to loose weight but not until I started running it happened. And boy did it happen! Since I started running I’ve gone from a little chubby and with a weight of 124 lbs to 107 lbs today. Not only have I gone from being chubby to skinny, but I’ve also built some freaking good muscles. But lately I’ve been feeling more and more “drained”, in general, but mostly on my run days. Thinking of it I know I’ve had some problems eating well since I started with all this exercising..

Obviously a person that’s going from not really working out regularly for years to getting in 3-5 runs/week plus 4-6 other workouts/week is going to have to rethink the whole fueling part.. But I haven’t got a grip on it yet! Not at all. My appetite comes and goes. I decided to take a look at my daily calorie intake for a few days to know what I was dealing with. And seeing the numbers.. I got afraid! My worst day I had an intake of 480 calories! And that was a day when I did a morning run and an afternoon core strength workout. Can you believe it? It looks like total MADNESS in my eyes at least.

So from now on I need to work on this. My neighbor mentioned protein powder and I must admit I’ve been thinking of it too, but because of this whole world being new to me I don’t even know where to start. I just know I need to build my body up and stop breaking it down. Now!


Q: How do you fuel properly pre/post your workouts? Are you using protein powder? Any tips/tricks to stay energized throughout your days?


4 thoughts on “Fuel?

  1. This sounds a lot like what I went through (and sometimes still do when training). I wasn’t following what experts suggest (switching to an energy drink after seven miles and consuming food or fuel while running) and learned my lesson when I almost fainted after a 13.1-mile run. It was pretty scary. :-( It’s a lot to get used to, but it really is necessary. Especially if you run alone…you don’t want to worry about dropping on the road somewhere because of a blood sugar drop. Given you are as small as you are, it doesn’t take much to run off all you’ve consumed, so you’re left depleted. You look great – tiny but healthy, and clearly fit! Keep up the good work!

    • It’s kind of fun (or scary?!) that just as you wrote this I did a 10K run on the highway (I think the temperature was above 100F with the asphalt and the lava fields around me totally heating the place up and no clouds to protect me) and I actually barely made it home! I was about to get hit by a car as I was finishing my run – I had been wandering out on the road being to dizzy to realize it! And this was me running WITH a Camelbak backpack for hydration! I spent the whole day after my run struggling to keep food down and trying to just get some electrolytes and water into the system. I was also crying a lot, I was/am so so disappointed with myself for not taking my fueling/hydration more serious! I love running and I WILL NOT let myself be stupid enough to destroy it by not taking care of myself properly..
      I guess my biggest problem with all this is that ever since I started running I’ve been running early in the morning on empty stomach. Now when my runs are getting longer (both distance and time wise) I’ve been trying to get some energy in before, but it just doesn’t work for me in the morning. I think I have to start trying different fueling options for when I’m out on my run instead..
      What are you using for energy drinks/fuel during your runs? I’m happy for all advice I can get.

      Totally writing small novels in my responses to you, but I love your support and am always happy to see some comments.
      Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words!

      • We’ve ALL had those runs. That’s how you learn, by listening to your body (and it will tell you when it’s not happy).

        I’ve run in the early a.m. on an empty stomach, too, but never more than six miles. Just test different foods on your shorter runs to see how your body reacts, and then you’ll know for future longer runs. For my long runs, I’ve been fine with a white bagel with peanut butter, and a few times, oatmeal mixed with yogurt and chia seeds (I make less than one serving though because it’s always too much to finish for me). Everyone is different, and I have a very sensitive stomach and detest having to drink anything but water, let alone eat, while running. When I decided to run marathons, I soon realized it wasn’t optional. I tested out Gu packs and gels, both of which I literally gagged on. :-( I’ve been fine with orange slices, pretzels, almond granola bars, LifeSavers (hard candy and gummies), Swedish fish, and Gatorade. The Stengers brand energy gels weren’t too bad, but are really sweet. Runner’s World has articles claiming that candy is just as good as the energy products out there. Just make sure you test out everything you will use during training runs, and never try anything new on race day. On race day, I always time my fueling so it’s right before a water stop and I can wash it down quickly.

        Thank you for reading, and I’m happy to help! Ask away!

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