On safety while running

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I don’t know about you, but I sometimes worry about being out running on my own. I tend to run pretty much the same route every time I go out running and I’m starting to feel like it might not be the best thing ever. In this area there’s a bunch of sketchy business going on and the majority of the people driving by me when I’m out running are men. Probably meth and/or alcohol using men too.

As mentioned in an earlier post I always bring my mace with me. I attach it to my iPhone armband and it’s supposed to make me feel safer – but honestly.. I don’t know. I’m more worried about using it on myself by accident then I’m sure I’ll be able to use it should someone actually try to do something to me. What it does though is letting my husband feel better about me being out running on my own – and that’s great of course!

There are days when I actually don’t go out on my scheduled runs because of fear, and I absolutely hate it! I wish I could find someone to run with, but I don’t see that happening thinking of the fact that I NEVER see anyone else out running. So I’ll just stick to carrying the mace and hope that it will be enough.

And, in the future a treadmill would be a great buy, so that I can get my runs in even the days when I just don’t have the courage to hit the streets on my own!


Q: Do you feel safe where you run? Are you carrying some kind of self protection? Have anything ever happened to you or anyone you know when out running/walking?

One thought on “On safety while running

  1. As a male I think I end up taking safety on my runs for granted. I am more worried about dogs or other animals (racoon encounters!) then other people.

    I do worry about my wife when she is out running and always encourage her to at least take her phone. Keep taking your mace, and be safe out there!

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