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Since I started doing this blogging and using Twitter to connect to people out there who are also runners and into fitness in general to get motivated/inspired I’ve been thinking a lot about language. I get self conscious when writing a lot and I feel embarrassed knowing that people who read my blogs/tweets might notice my mistakes (of course you do!) and be wondering about my spelling and so on.

The thing is that I’m not english speaking. Or yeah, nowadays I am I guess, but it’s far from my first language.. Even though I get a LOT of practice (moving to The US I don’t really have a choice)  and usually feel comfortable with it I start doubting myself sometimes. I do my best to pick up more words and so on, but it feels like I, with my writing, sometimes get stuck – I can’t find the right words and I’m struggling to get the text to flow like I want it to.

So with this post I’m reaching out to you, asking you to not judge me by my, sometimes or often, incorrect spelling, wording or use of grammar. If I come off as rude or weird it’s just because I’m writing all of this in my third language. And hey, that’s not totally bad right?!

Q: Do you know other languages? Have you ever been living abroad having to use another language daily?

4 thoughts on “About language

  1. I had no idea English wasn’t your first language!! Couldn’t tell at all. You rock girl!

    I wish I spoke another language, I’m jealous.

    • Aww, thanks! :) I think I’m feeling self conscious about it because I’m usually good with writing (on my own language) and with English it just dosen’t come as easy. Frustrating and a little bit scary putting text out there for people to read..
      You could always learn another language? :)
      What language would you pick if you got a chance to learn one?

  2. I can barely write in my native language (english) so no judging here!

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