I need new gear! Do I really?

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After being close to broke for a while I am now able to start living again as new money hit the bank yesterday morning.. Yesterday I got to go to town (Hilo) and do some shopping. To be honest, getting there all I could think of was walking into whatever sport store and GO NUTS. I’m craving new running clothes! And also, after running with my current shoes for almost three months I’m not totally sure they’re “my” shoes. So yeah, my thoughts kept spinning around the subject of buying new gear but I actually managed not to do it. I got home with a bunch of  nice groceries and other necessities. Yay me!(?)

..but waking up today I actually felt a little disappointed.. Maybe I could’ve treated myself with at least a pair of shorts that I’ve been wanting/needing so badly for a month or two now? Maybe I could’ve gotten myself something else too? But oh well, I’m guessing my husband will be happy I didn’t go nuts with our money just as they hit the account. And that’s a good thing, of course!

Sitting here thinking about buying myself running stuff I realized that it would be smart with a list to actually now what I need (want?!). So that’s what I’m gonna do tonight, and it’s going to be fun!

Q: Do you spend more than necessary on your running gear? Are you having any fun plans for this Saturday night?


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