Finally a good run!

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Earlier this morning I woke up way too early, it was still all dark outside and I found myself laying in bed WAITING for the sunrise so that I could get out running. But laying there waiting something bad happened. I fell asleep again!

Waking up two hours later, at 6.30am, I didn’t feel nearly as well rested as I was waking up the first time, but I still got my running gear on and went out for what I thought would be a 5K run. But! As I started running I felt great, better than I’ve felt on my last 5 runs, so I just kept going.. And going. And my 5K ended up being a 9,3K run instead.

Happy with myself and feeling strong and energized back at the house I realized that my goal of 16K/week is definitely doable. I’m already up at 15,8K and it’s only Thursday! I’ve got two more planned runs to get in before bedtime Sunday, so I’m doing good!

Now I just need to get my Plank(s) a Day done and I can happily sit down and treat myself with a nice dinner and a movie tonight. Love it!


Q: How are you doing with your goals for October, if you have any?


One thought on “Finally a good run!

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