October Goals


I don’t know where the summer went, but I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that October is here. And I’ve decided that October is going to be a good month! My husband is out of the country working and I’m not too pleased with the fact that I’m home alone, but it’s OK – it gives me tons of time to focus on myself and my own accomplishments without feeling like it takes time/energy away from us.

So for this month I’ve set up some goals for myself, here goes:

1. Plank A Day

I’ve just started to realize how helpful strength training is when it comes to running, and really everyday life, and a few weeks ago I stumbled across the #plankaday on Twitter. I started doing it a little bit before stretching post run and realized that it felt great! Challenging and very noticable changes in time I could hold it. And the great things about it – it doesn’t take a lot of time, I can do it where ever and whenever without needing anything at all to get going. So in October I’m doing both straight and side planks – every day.

2. Upping my mileage (I’m using K..)

I’ve had a hard time getting back to the running after I spent two weeks, totally out of the picture, with a nasty cold + sinusitis. I’m still struggling to get back up to the weekly amount of K’s I had before and it actually sucks. I had such a good thing going and now.. I feel week and the running is rough. So I need to get back into it, big time! I was running 16-26K/week and maybe that was a little bit too much, too soon thinking of the fact that I couldn’t even run 5K straight in end of May this year, but I’m thinking that if I could hit 16K/week during October I’m at least back on track. So that’s what I’m going for; 16K/week every week of the month of October.

3. Yoga two times/week

I’ve only just started to get into the yoga, but I’m totally in love with it! It feels like a great cross training option for runners too, right? So this class that I’m going to is only available  two times a week, and because I don’t have a car/drivers licence I can’t always go there, unfortunately. But I’m not going to let that come in my way – I might as well do the yoga at home?! I’m setting up a program for myself and hoping that it will feel as good at home as in class. Yoga two times a week it is!

4. Foam Roll

I’ve mentioned my foam roller on the blog before and I’m still having painful dates with it every once in a while. Unfortunately, because it’s so freaking painful, I find it hard to actually get it done. But from now on I’m going to use it daily, at least on the ITB. I’ve been crying and being CLOSE to throwing up when using it so this goal really is going to be a hard one. Frequent dates for me and my foam roller in October!

9 thoughts on “October Goals

  1. Great goals! I like the plank a day. I should probably do something like that too.

    • Thanks! I like your goals too girl!
      Yes, the Plank A Day is a good one, I love the fact that it’s challenging but still easy to find time for and get done daily..

  2. You have gorgeous legs!! Also, I would love to know how you found my blog :) Im new to blogging! :)

    • Aww, thank you! I guess they’re not too bad – at least they take me out running 3-5 times a week :)

      I found your blog using the “Reader” here on WordPress. I’ve put in different tags (like “running”, “run” and so on) so that blogs with those tags show up in the reader – it’s a great way to find great blogs! Like yours! :)

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