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Following other runners on blogs and Twitter I can’t help but getting curious about where they do their everyday running – how does it look? Is it safe? Cold/warm? So I’m thinking I’ll give you my story, show you my neighborhood and maybe you could show yours?

I run on the south side of the island Hawai’i. My “town” is not much of a town, more like a very spread out community and the mix of people living here is definitely interesting. Since moving here 3 months ago I’ve met one (1) other runner out and about and people driving by in their cars are.. Yeah, mostly men and they definitely enjoy seeing me out there. Sometimes I feel like they’re just being nasty with their big smiles kind of obviously checking me out but most of the times it’s actually pretty nice with a smile and a “Go girl!” through the window.

This place is set on a hillside which makes for amazing views and cooler temperatures, which is great. Even running on the highway I feel motivated and inspired by what I have around me.


My biggest problems with running here are:


I’m a dog lover. I really do like dogs a lot and wish I had my own. But in this neighborhood there way to many dogs that are just put outside in peoples open yards to guard. Many of them are chained up but there are a bunch of these dogs just wandering around. This creates a big problem for me, and make me really limited in what routes I can take. Several times I’ve been stopped on my run by packs of dogs, chasing me down while barking and growling at me. In the beginning it actually made me cry out of fear and now I’ve learned what streets to stay away from but I still meet some nasty guard dogs every once in a while – trust me when I say that I’m happy to carry mace..


So I already mentioned that I live on a hillside. Kind of in the middle of the subdivision. I never get more than a total of about 1K of flat running whatever route I choose to take for my runs. It is hard. Sometimes I wish I could just get a flat run, to go further and easier on my body. But to be honest, I realize that all these hills are probably doing me a favor.. Running my 10K race in another town here on the island I noticed that it felt so different with only about 40m elevation gain – I could just go and go and go… So I’m going to stop bitching about the hills here and just see it as a way for me to get strong as a runner.

Q: Where do you run? What’s the good and bad things with your running routes?

7 thoughts on “My Neighborhood

  1. Oh I wish I could be in Hawaii right now! ;)
    Vancouver is great for running! We have a very long seawall going around much of the city and we have some urban ‘trails’ where we live in the suburbs. Our biggest problem is definitely dangerous driving by Vancouverites: no stopping at stop signs or pedestrian crosswalks (it’s really scary if you try to cross at a designated zebra crossing with a stroller and someone cuts you off!), but instead random stopping to let pedestrians jaywalk, speeding in school zones, and *probably* (by judging from just watching them) a lot of drunk drivers in the evenings. I learned how to drive in Germany, so I’m shocked every single day at how people deal with their traffic situations over here. This makes road running definitely tricky!

    • Hawaii is great! SO different from where I’m originally from..
      I’m still kind of new on the island and I’m working on getting used to not really have to deal with fall and winter, but I shouldn’t complain! :)

      I’ve heard so many great things about Vancouver and I’m hoping to visit one day. Sounds great to be able to run along the water :)

      It definitely sounds scary with the drivers out there though! I find it hard to trust drivers in general – it’s really IMPOSSIBLE to know what they’re up to behind the steering wheel of their mean machines (that’s really how I see cars).. Stay safe out there!

  2. Thats so scary about the dogs, I would probably freak out and scream if dogs were chasing me on my run haha. I have to worry about crazy cab drivers and people on bikes.

    Your neighborhood looks beautiful, I am so jealous!! I’d love to go to Hawaii some day :)

    • Oh yeah, I’m definitely screaming when I encounter the nasty dogs!
      I totally tried to “scream them off” until one day when a lady in the area told me that usually the best way to get the dogs to leave you alone is to… Kneel down and talk softly to them, like if you wanna cuddle with them… I was thinking “What a STUPID thing to do” until one day when I tried it and the dogs actually turned around and RAN AWAY from me right away…
      Haha, these dogs are obviously not cuddly ones… But even though I now know that trick I’m still getting ready to pull out the mace whenever they’re after me..

      It would be fun to see the area you run in!
      I can tell you that after living here a few months I’m kind of craving some CITY with crazy cab drivers and all that.. (used to live in a city 12 years before moving out here)

      And yes, come visit Hawaii in the future – it is really beautiful here! Tons to see and do and wonderful weather :)

  3. One time I was running, thankfully with my boyfriend, and this dog came out of nowhere, growling and showing it’s teeth. So scary. He picked up a stick and scared it. But I don’t know what I would have done. It was so scary. I love dogs too but people need to keep them on a leash cause I don’t want to get chased or bitten. I still run there but never alone.

    • Sounds scary, and I definitely know the feeling. To be honest, even the dogs that are leashed scare me when they’re barking/growling at me passing by. I see in front of me how they in some way get loose and suddenly start running after me. Good thing you have company on your runs! I wish I had too.

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