My must-haves for a run


When I go out running I (always) carry this:

iPhone 4S, with the following apps running; Spotify and Runkeeper (missing in photo due to camera in use)
Headphones (CHEAP from Thailand, but they’re the only ones I’ve found that stay in my ear while running)
New Balance Armband
Hot Pink Mace
Garmin Forerunner 405CX
Sunglasses (if sunny)

Q: What are you bringing on your runs? Something you just can’t be without?


10 thoughts on “My must-haves for a run

  1. I always have my fuel belt. I put my id and a few bucks in there, just in case I ever got injured and needed a cab/bus home.

  2. Do you hold the mace? I think I’d be afraid I’d spray myself in the eye. I always have my phone, key, id, and iPod in a little running belt and my garmin (same one as you) on my wrist. I love getting all the stats. I’m such a geek!

    • I am afraid of spraying myself, all the time! But no, I’m not holding it in my hand – I’m keeping it in my armband where the iPhone goes.
      Oh, I’m a geek too when it comes to running statistics. LOVE having the watch with me on my runs and then be able to sit down with the computer and go through every second of the runs! :) Still haven’t really figured out how to set up training programs and such on the watch though, have to get going with it soon..

      What kind of running belt do you use? I started out thinking that I wouldn’t like them, but now I’m actually reconsidering because my tiny arm makes the armband jump around. But then, I’ve heard a lot about running belts jumping around too..

      • I had the same problem with the arm band. For the running belt, I just grabbed one of amazon that I liked the look of, but I don’t think they sell it anymore. I like it because it’s pretty flat and so it stays in the small of my back. I’ve heard good things about the spibelt.

      • Sounds great! I’ve been looking at the SpiBelt, will probably invest in one of those when I start doing longer runs. Get really frustrated with the armband situation, but it works for now :)

      • The armband thing drove me bonkers. I think I used it twice and then resorted to just carrying my keys and iPod until I bought the belt. Hope you find one you like =)

  3. I run several different routes, and where I’m going and distance dictates what goes with me. On shorter runs where I know the route (or trail markers are available), I take my iPod, Burts Beeswax, my car or house key, and my stun gun (this is very helpful for all questionable characters, human or beast). For long runs (over 10) or if I’m unsure of the distance, I have all of the above plus my iPhone so I can map my run inside my Nathan fuel belt pouch (which doesn’t bounce around much if you pull it down over your hips more), some kind of fuel (either gummi LifeSavers or Stenger chews), and watered down Gatorade in my two fuel belt bottles. I will be posting a response to your “where do you run?” later this week. I totally feel your pain! :-( and :-)

    • Oh, a stun gun.. Maybe those are a better thing than the mace.. I don’t really like that I feel like I’ll mace myself, find myself thinking of the fact that IF I need to use it I have to keep the wind in mind (it’s pretty windy here on the hill side). Where I’m from mace/stun guns are totally illegal so I’m still trying to get used to the fact that it’s actually OK for me to carry some self protection around..

      Also, thanks for tips on fuel to carry for longer runs. So far my longest run have been 14K but I’m slowly working myself up toward the Half so I know I’ll need it later on.
      Looking forward to your “Where do you run?” response. Always interesting to see how others running reality looks like :)

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  5. I love your blog. I just got started blogging a couple of weeks ago. I just finished an article on “Natural Running.” Basically, I’m trying to get back to the way running used to be before all of these gadgets. I am guilty of using them though and find them very useful when training. Check out my blog! Thanks again for sharing your running experiences!

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