Mizuno Mezamashii Project

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After reading about Mizuno Running’s Mezamashii Run Project here and here I got so happy!

This is a great initiative from Mizuno! I’ve always thought that trying out shoes in a store is very hard, whatever kind of shoe it is. And after starting running even more so. I mean, how well can you really “get a feel” the shoe walking around in a store? I definitely have a hard time, and lacking a good running store in the area I just don’t know how to really get a good shoe without taking a major chance and spending money on what could be worthless (for my feet)..

The other thing that’s so great with this project, according to me, is the contact between the brand and the consumers. A great business should care about their costumers, they should be interested in what works for the PEOPLE out here and I’d like to see more companies actually have a good dialogue with us, the buyers. And also, a project like this connects runners with fellow runners and we get to read/hear about others experiences… That is worth GOLD to me, and it’s actually just for that reason I started blogging and tweeting about my life as a new “runner”.


With all that said – go to Mizuno to apply for the project here. Or just check their selection out on their webpage, maybe even check out their shoe guide, which I found totally brilliant as a new and kind of confused running girl not knowing tons about shoes.. yet!


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