Me + Yoga = True

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It took me years and years of wanting to try yoga before it actually became reality. About 20 minutes drive from where I live there’s this amazing woman who runs a Massage place and two times a week she transforms her massage room into a yoga room. I’ve been wanting to go for a couple of months now, and two weeks ago I finally made it. I shoved my fear for yoga away and just went for it!

And I enjoyed it. I’ve become less flexible due to lack of proper stretching when I started to run and I definitely felt it during the class, but this amazing woman helped me through the class and left me craving for the coming class two days later. After being to class 5 times I can’t understand WHY THE HELL I waited so long to start doing yoga?! I absolutely love it, and of course feeling my body’s need for it it makes me even happier.. I’ve been leaving every class with a smile on my face and with a very nice feeling of being energized and content, all at the same time.

I really thought that I, who normally is very aware of my body and how it looks, would be uncomfortable with the stretching and bending and so on. But during class I forget EVERYTHING and I’m just in the moment focusing on my body and my breathing. Ok, I’m struggling with the breathing part so far but I’m getting there.. I also quickly realized that many of the yoga poses are great options for stretching after my runs and that’s of course always welcome.


So here I am – totally sold on the idea of doing yoga AT LEAST two times a week. I look forward to EVERY class and am excited to see what I can do with my body as time goes on.


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