Give me my strength back, will you?

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So my cold and the sinusitis is gone! Yay!

BUT…  I realized, after trying to get going with the running again, that with my sickness disappearing a part of my stamina and strength also did. I’ve been out on 4 runs after I got better and damn(!) it’s hard! I try to be nice to myself and say that it’s actually not very weird, thinking of the break (very much forced) 2 week break I had, but  I just feel like it’s TOO hard..?! Today, 8 days after getting started again I did a 6K run and I actually had to walk half of the hill back home (approx. 0.8K).. I’ve never done that before, and I felt like shit. Honestly.

This doesn’t work for me, I need to get back on track ASAP! And I can’t wait to run further, faster and get the flow back..


Q: How do all you runners out there cope with getting back on track after being sick or injured?!

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