About Weight


As far back as I remember I’ve been more or less skinny. Tall and super skinny until the year I turned 14 – I suddenly, and very fast, became a woman with hips and big tits and that time I remember thinking that I got fat, I just couldn’t see the good thing in having “curves”..

After turning 18 (quitting basket ball playing and going to the gym 4 times/week and instead starting to drink alcohol and eat fast food) I definitely gained some weight and since then I’ve been up and down a lot with a low of about 113 lbs. and a high of approximately 135 lbs. Being 5″5 tall I guess these numbers aren’t too bad but it’s been all about the feel and little about the numbers. For many years now I’ve been feeling “fluffy” and just in general out of shape and I’ve had some periods when I’ve been getting into going to spinning classes (I love it!) but it never really lasted.

So this winter, while traveling around in Southeast Asia the thought of running came to me. But being from a cold place and not being totally used to the heat I never got around to getting out running. During a visit at my parents this spring, hanging out with my dad who’s been running more or less his whole life I finally did it. Inspired by my amazing dad I pulled my shoes on and got out. I only made it for 2.9K and I must admit that I was walking a bunch, and returning home I was tomato red and thought I was about to die… At this time my weight was 123.5 lbs. and a size 4 pant was a perfect (or maybe even a little tight) fit.

Now, a little over 4 months later, I am a size 0 (maybe I should mention that the big tits are long gone, they were the first to give in – like always) and my weight is 110 lbs. I’ve been under a lot of stress in my personal life dealing with a big move (what about halfway around the globe?!) and all that comes with that, but I’ve been eating as healthy as possible and have been running 2-5 times per week all this time. The running have become my getaway, my meditation – my solo time where I just focus on me, myself and I. And of course I’ve been amazed by the things my body is able to do! It is pretty amazing getting going and realizing that you, yourself and your body, can do the most amazing things with a little bit of will power and fuel.

Lately I’ve been starting to do some more training in addition to the running. Yoga and workouts at home, focusing on core strength. And there is no more “fluff” on my body, I’m actually even starting to see some abs building up!

So here I am now. Proud and happy!

Finally, after years of standing in front of the mirror not really liking what I’ve been seeing, I’m actually pleased with what I see. And what’s even better is that I trust my body to carry me for at least 14K (so far, planning on going further!) and to be willing to push it and just go when I’m facing a hard workout/hill or whatever.

Q: What’s your story? Have you always been a runner? And fit? Or did you have to fight?

3 thoughts on “About Weight

  1. Great post, I’ve never been much of a runner but I envy those who find find peace in getting out for a run. No equipment needed, just a good pair of sneakers and some open space. It’s a hobby that should serve you well anywhere in the world. Good luck in your travels.

    • Hi Frank!
      The fun part with me “becoming a runner” is that I’ve always (at least until that day in May this year when I started.. At the age of 29 years and actually pretty darn close to 30) thought that running was BORING and definitely not for me. Whenever I was talking to my dad or anyone else who talked about running in positive terms I would laugh and/or sigh and say “to each it’s own”.. So you never know? :)

  2. I wasn’t a committed runner til about 4 years ago. Committed, meaning, actually training for races. I had done a 5K prior to that, and I’ve always been active. Fitness has always been a part of my life in some way or the other.

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