In sickness and in health

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I totally crashed last friday. After a stressful week with a big event on Friday morning my body just couldn’t take anymore. So since then I’ve been more or less bed bound with cough, fever, running nose and finally a sinusitis that just, like always, does not want to give in and leave me alone. A part of me is thinking “Oh well, doesn’t hurt with some book reading and movie watching for a week or so” and another part of me is… Not OK with all this laziness! Not at all.

When sleeping and having fever dreams I’m  dreaming about running, when awake “watching a movie” I meanwhile google the big wide Internet for running tips, training programs and workouts/stretches that I want to get going with.. There’s so many inspiring blogs, tweeps, news articles and so on out there. I’m laying here wanting to get out and run so badly. But, giving my body some time to reload, I’ll just keep on reading, getting inspired and motivated and the day when I’m ready to go I’m going to love every second of my run. Again.

But for now: back to the Kombucha, the garlic and the ginger tea. If you’re reading this – hit me up with some great running blogs or articles to read and I’ll be more than happy and will probably feel better soon?!

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